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We love Y&R....So much that we think we live in Genoa City and know ALL the gossip.

Friday, January 9, 2009

we promise we wont ever stop

So Last night we had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Sheelah: So why is Katherine quoting the shit out of her own book? Why cant her ass lay low until she get s her memory back?
HoodRat: I kno. That was so upsetting to me. I swear I'm writing to the mayor of Genoa City if Nick and Sharon get back together.
Sheelah: Ha!
HoodRat: Yo, do you watch LA Ink? Neil Winters is on and he has soooo many tatts
Sheelah: Ew Neil. He needs a haircut.
HoodRat: lol...but his hair actually looks good on LA Ink. He's sooooo fit, dag and I am not a fan
Sheelah; Ugh, he's old enough to be our father.
HoodRat: lolol That he is.
Sheelah: Fucking Nick and Sharon flashbacks? Are they serious?!?!?
HoodRat: I knooooo I can not stand it!
Sheelah: Why are they fucking with us. Why is Daniel wearing eyeliner?
HoodRat: Yeah guy
Sheelah: This episode is annoying today
HoodRat: They made it into a whole other cover.
Sheelah: Foolishness. Caine better not mess with Billy, I'm rooting for him.
HoodRat: Caine cant have it both ways, this " i want my child to have a father" bullshit.
Sheelah: I know! How is Katherine going to prove she's actually Katherine with this book floating around?
HoodRat: That's what I want to know. And how is Michael going to rep her? How the hell is this going to pan out?
Sheelah: Hell if i know lol. Omg, Amber needs to relax
HoodRat: lolol
Sheelah: And Phyllis is SO going to trash her house again
HoodRat: Oh yes she will. She is about to go mawd!
Sheelah: And Sharon needs to FALL the fuck BACK off of Nick!
HoodRat: Yes, she must know her place. But it's like Nick is no better.
Sheelah: I know! Lose the soft spot dude.
HoodRat: Exactly! You royally messed up with your wife. Stop giving her a reason to not trust you anymore. You don't want to mess with Phyllis.
Sheelah: She's borderline crazy and she's been doing well for all these years!
HoodRat: lol. Yep. She is well and due for a psycho episode.
Sheelah: Her last one killed Drucilla. LOL
HoodRat: Ohhhh yeah
Sheelah: I don't remember what they were fighting over, was it Nick?
HoodRat: Yes. Dru was sticking up for Sharon.
Sheelah: Humph.
HoodRat: Or was it just regular beef? I just cant keep up.
Sheelah: Those two are like freaking Cricket and Isabella
HoodRat: Isabella? Is that the one that wanted to drown Cricket in the tub?
Sheelah: LMAO! Yes!
HoodRat: Oh shit! LOL I need to find video of that.
Sheelah: Instead Isabella's ass got sent to an insane asylum
Hoodrat: lolol. Yes.
Sheelah: I cant wait for ALL of Paul's illegitimate children to be on the show. Watch Ricky come back and be 40 years old and end up being Abby's cuddle buddy or something.
HoodRat: LOLOL. Who the hell is Ricky?
Sheelah: The child Paul and Isabella had. Your not Y&R ride or die hoodrat!
Hoodrat: Oooooh Right! Yes!Im SO jumping up and down.
Sheelah: You are coming like Katherine right now. lol
Hoodrat: lol. Shut Up.

To make a long story short, we will be updating again.
Stay tuned.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

funeral drama for billy's baby mama

Okay. So I know we haven't posted in forever, and I know my hood rat friend below just blogged about today's fiasco, but there are a couple of things that I have to bring up about what went down in Genoa City today.

First of all, Didnt Katherine/Marge look refreshingly "lifted" while reciting her church soliloquy today? I guess they couldn't get a permit to televise the facelift this time.
When will Jill or Nikki realize that they found "Katherine" on the passenger side of the vehicle and not the driver's side?

My heart goes out to Phyllis for real. How she managed to muster up the energy to clean up that house after trashing it and then put it on her husband when he got in from Paris boggles me. There are some women in Genoa City who belong to the Super Chocha Club, and Phyllis is one of them.

Phylis' little verbal 'punches' at Nick are amazing.

Speaking of the Super Chocha Club, why IS Ashley being evasive? Maybe its because she's guilty for giving Victor the Super Chocha. Did you see the tap on the shoulder she gave Nikki? BOLD. Ugh.
Poor thing is just getting beat the hell up today.

Although I'm glad to see raggedy ann Nina, but I would have liked to see McKenzie and Cricket too. Jeeze.
How odd is it that Sharon is JUST meeting Jack's mother. Holy awkward.

Okay so i nearly choked on my saliva when i saw Victor Newman STORM into that chapel and sit beside Super Chocha.

I cant deal.
I need to rest.

Cast from the Past

What a great episode!! The narration from Marge was great. The cast from the past, Nina, Danny, Brock, Jack's mom, Tracy and Mitchell. Remember Mitchell the Lawyer. Everyone came back. Even Victor. It was a crazy entrance and ending to the show. Ashley gone and sit away from the fam at the front and no one could understand why. Then Victor storm in de place. Bumba!!

Looks like Katherine is about to play the Marge role for awhile.

I know people mourn a loses in different ways, but Jill decided that it would be business as usual and a smooth company transition would be best for the shareholders. Jill really thinks she's about to inherit everything. She feel she mad at Nikki now? Lawd, wait till she hear Nikki is getting the company. Mitchell made the comment that Katherine just made some changes....Could Esther be the new Chairman? Nah!

Can you believe Ashley actin all tough with Nikki bout its time to move on. Ashley feel because she get little pipe from Victor, she now the new Mrs. Newman. So disgusting.

Oh the disgusting topic....Sharon and Nick. Make me sick! The whole damn show was " I need to talk to Sharon" or "I need to talk to Nick". Give me a freakin break.

But look how funeral can make people mawd. Poor Phyllis going so crazy that she even waved the white flag with Amber. That was nice. I love Phyllis and I'm rooting for her to get through this bullshit with Nick.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Red - The Colour of MAWD

Phyllis, oh Phyllis, you'll get through this. Phyllis tore that place up and then Nick walks in and she's in a lingerie. She hugs him and puts down one piece of kiss on de mudda ass and, that's it. Nothing else. I'm wondering if crazy Danny Romalotti - Phyllis is back. Now that wouldn't be a good thing for Nick.

Victor is about to destroy Adam Jr. Oh my gosh, dat child don't know de cut ass he about to get from he fadda.

Did jealous Carmen (is that her name, no Karen), accept Neil's proposal because Neil didn't seem overjoyed that Tyra was dating? Steups. Not even worth the time.

This wedding thing is for real? Heather is really getting married to Adam Jr. Lawd, I really didn't want to accept this, but dag now she gone and tell she fadda about the marriage and tried to play hard as she was telling him. Lady, slow your role and hush yuh mout. Paul just gave his stinkin blessing. She's annoyin'.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Time To Remember

Do you remember when everyone in Genoa City had some type of sense? Allyuh remember? Cause I do. I remember when Ashley stole Victor's sperm to go and had Abby and was married to Brad. Do you remember when Katherine was smarter and than Jill? Do you remember when Victor and Nikki really belonged together? Do you remember when Lily was small and didn't have that head to bobble round?

It's all just memories b/c now Ashley use she nannie to lure Victor to go back to Genoa City. De gyal prayed to some saint to have de man show up, to only take advantage of him. De poor saint probably rollin over wit he rosary, saying if I did only know yuh was goin do dat to de poor grieving man, I would mek yuh stay beggin. I mean you can see de hurt still in de man's eyes. Ashley, get it together.

Katherine, oh lord. Where is Katherine? How long is everyone going to think 80 year old Katherine is missing? Now Marge (is that her name) is dead which still perplexes me as to how her long time friend can look exactly like her. Has Katherine wondered off and will have a senior moment for one year and be living somewhere and has completely forgotten who she is?

Remember when it was medically impossible to father a child after a vasectomy? Has anyone told Victor? LOL. It could cut his grieving in half to know that, the baby probably wasn't his.

Monday, November 10, 2008


NOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY!! How could you do this Nick? Why?! Not to my girl, Phyllis. Shit fine, so karma is a bitch, but dag, why the writers gotta play back the Sharon and Nick card. I'm so upset. I hate them together. This betta get sorted out real fast. I mean, I could be going off bit b/c I had that happen to me, but shit, Phyllis don't deserve this. Poor Phyllis pack up she bags and left the hotel. Nick, I got a good mind to call the boys and handle this like we do on the street. Sharon, stop looking for Nick to fix yuh problems with Jack. Go back home and handle your sneaking husband and leave the past in the past.

I'm so mad, I'm not even going to write anymore. Tomorrow, I'll talk about why de ass is Ashley so stooopid!

Monday, October 27, 2008

GC Spotlights

Its been awhile since I've spoken about my home away from home, GC. This blog is going to touch on couple of situations during that last one or two weeks. I don't remember which week this was, but Mr. Jack Abbott should get an award for his great, impersonation of Victor. I've been looking all over youtube for a clip to post, but I can't find it anywhere. Jack got right into the character. When he started, its was shocking however, when he kept going and becoming bigger and bigger, you could see Jack coming back again. Whichever, Jack nailed it!! Even Adam had to get nervous.

Let's jump.... Tank god Amber and Daniel are back together. Geez, I really don't think I could have stomach him with Colleen. Nah man. So what, Colleen hates you. Big Whoop. She shoulda listened to Lily. Phyllis is my girl, but dag, she needs to leave this alone and keep an eye on her husband's ex-wife.

Olivia is back. Don't really know why or what relevance she has but I'm sure its gonna be teamed up with Karen and she secret about not being able to bare fruit.

The Newman Clan is still trying "assist" Victor and lead Cagney and Lacey on a wild goose chase. Heather feel she real powerful and she all cuss off her daddy, Paul. Saying he can't be trusted because he's helping out Nikki.

Oh let's take it back. Heather questioning Nikki and Micheal and Victor calls. He asks to speak to Heather after speaking to Nikki. He put Cagney in place, Boy!! "Don't interrupt me". "Leave my family alone". Victor still running shit even after he burned down the house. She had no talk. She just had to shut up and listen to him, at least for a little while. Then the dumb ass spoke and he hung up. She was playing real tough. She thought she could trace the call from this little data card, but Nikki pulled it out an stepped on it. Damn, don't mess with the Newmans. lolol.


Katherine was spotted drinking. She has fallen off the wagon and its all Gloria's fault. Katherine yellin up the coffee house. Poor ting.

Heather, stupid, annoying Heather, decided to go and see Phyllis to inquire if she knew where Nick was. Apparently Nick, went to see Sharon for an extended amount of time before heading to the airport. Heather really tried to turn up the heat on Phylis but Phylis got some good jabbs in herself. Phyllis, don't fall for it. Nick loves you, girl!

Now to end this whole thing off......look who have mout. Sharon real cuss Jack. She said she chose to ignore his lies but she isn't doing it anymore especially after she walked in to find Adam drapin Jack. I really thought Jack was going to tell the truth, since he kept saying he was going to. Nah, Jack's motto is "if it ain't on camera, I didn't do it". He gave some kaka story and Sharon called him out again. Completely blaming Adam.

Will Sharon leave Jack, finally?
Phyllis and Nick better not have any type of problems in their relationship. I love them together.